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Hi there! Thank you for being here.

I have a special love for interior decorating. I enjoy seeing beauty inside homes, offices, buildings..etc. I also enjoy seeing beauty outside of homes, but let's not go there yet!

When I first had to decorate my place, I realized I had a lot to learn.  This is when I hired an expert who taught me so much about colors, patterns, fabrics, materials and more. Working with an expert for a few weeks helped me realize my new love for decorating.

Decorating my place was such joy to me that I started helping out family and friends with their places. After a few successful consultations, I decided to obtain my degree in interior decorating so that I can continue contributing to all. 

I am here, offering my embellishing techniques, with love and joy. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Much Love and Beauty,



IDDP®—International Design and Decorating Professional™


AFDP™—Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional™


IEDP™—International Event Decor Professional™