• Mai AlEssa

An Interior Decorator.. in the making!

I grew up with a mother who was always interested in furniture. Every time we pass by a furniture store, or go to a friend's house, she observes the variety of furniture pieces & styles. I asked her: "Why? Its just a chair, or a couch, or a carpet... Its no big deal!" Her only answer was: "because its beautiful!"

I never understood her answer until i had to create a home for myself. A home that was both pretty and comfortable, welcoming and entertaining, functional yet fancy. A home where i smile when i go in and miss when i leave. At that time, i needed to learn how to do that, so i asked for help from family, friends, and eventually an expert. It was surely a lovely experience.

Learning about the world of interior decorating, a world that has lots of colors, fabrics, and materials, a world where you need to color coordinate, mix and match, pay attention to details, and do lots and lots of shopping... is a world I enjoy! I decided to continue learning on a personal level, and obtain my degree on a professional level.

The picture above is showing you some of the basic tools that I use to help you embellish your space. A world of beauty and functionality is what I will be offering you.. soon.

Up next: Is it Interior decorating? or Designing?

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