• Mai AlEssa

Feelings, Inspirations, and Colors...

If you wish to decorate, ask yourself this: how do I want to feel when I enter this room? If its a bedroom, how do I want to feel when I wake up in the morning? If its a kitchen, how do I want to feel when I cook? If its an office, how do I want to feel when I work?

Feeling yourself, and answering these questions, is the best way to start decorating. Your feelings will inspire you to create a better, prettier, more functional place for yourself. It will create the mood of the space, select the colors the are appreciated, and allows positive energy flow when you are feeling good about it.

If you are not sure how you feel, look for inspirations and check-in with yourself and see how you feel about them. Inspirations such as nature, culture, traditions, and art. You can also check out architectural landmarks, religion, songs, and friends' homes!

My personal favorite type of inspiration is nature. Waking up in the morning feeling calm and peaceful, smiling to the scent of the meadows, feeling fresh while listening to the birds singing was the feeling i wanted to create for my bedroom. Inspirations like flowers, birds and butterflies was a good way to start, hence the wall paper! :-)

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