• Mai AlEssa

Is it Interior decorating? or Interior designing?

Lots of people keep asking me: Mai, What's the difference? Aren't these 2 professions the same?

I answer: They are not.

Although they tend to overlap on some projects, decorators and designers have different unique set of skills that are suited to different types of projects.

An interior designer works closely with the architects to structurally design the space (houses, apartments, buildings..etc) focusing on its interior.

An interior decorator, on the other hand, is typically not involved in construction or major structural renovations. Instead, the decorator focuses on colors, fabrics, textiles, wall treatments, furniture selection and arrangements, and more. The aim is to decorate the interior of the space that is already constructed.

A decorator works closely with the occupants of the space, learning about their lifestyles, daily routines, family members and their habits. The decorator would then use this knowledge to help decorate the place using beautiful and functional furniture and accessories to the occupants liking and comfort.

Another next question i am usually asked is: Is it worth hiring a decorator?

My answer is: Yes!

Having a beautiful place, that is also functional, lifts up your spirit! From my personal experience, I tend to always look forward to going back to my pretty and comfortable place. Time is well spent and is surely enjoyable to my soul! Not only that, but getting advice on quality furniture and materials is worth the financial investment in the long run.

So, if you are looking for a decorating consultant to help with your furniture selection and arrangement, color palette development to your liking, choosing pretty and affordable window and wall treatments, finding the best fabrics and most functional materials for your space, you are are at the right place!

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