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Mai's Embellishments - My Go-To Interior Decorator 

Working with Mai has been a fabulous experience! She has a great eye and excellent taste, and really listened to what I said about key elements I wanted to see in the room. The results speak for themselves! I just love my new room - the finishing is incredible, the vibe is just what I was looking for, and the layout and furniture she chose are to die for. A total transformation.. I never want to leave my room again :) I highly recommend Mai's Embellishments and would definitely work with her again - she's my go to interior decorator.


I have always known that Mai has great taste in decorating and accessorizing. She has the eye for it, love colors and fit them in the right area that brings them to live. She is easy to work with and very efficient. Fashion or interiors, she is just the right person to rely on.


Mai made the decorative process so simple and pleasant from start to finish. She handled everything: From designing the initial decorative layout to suggesting specific design elements and ensuring their meticulous installation.

I can't imagine fully redecorating an entire space so quickly without Mai and her proactive approach.

Thanks Mai!


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